With so many moving parts to your estimates such as, materials, labor, installation, fees, overhead, markup, and margins, MB Software Solutions (MBSS) offers intuitive, consistent, customizable, and future proof programs to coordinate those moving parts in a single system.

FabNet and FabMate remove the risk of mathematical mistakes, price discrepancies, and everything else that can "fall through the cracks" of manual estimates. This effectively creates a profitable company which can produce consistent estimates time after time and protect your knowledge investment. If your estimator is no longer with your company, you at least have his consistent blueprints for estimates saved in your system, no longer risking your company's intellectual investment. That's great for business continuity planning! We've simplified our pricing model to make it very easy to understand. We make it as easy as we can for you -- you can just set your payments up on your company credit card for easy automatic monthly processing as well, or pay the year up front and get the last 2 months for free! If you would prefer to purchase the software outright, we can discuss that price with you as well.

Pricing for FabMate and FabNet

FabMate is the classic version, put into production in 2003 and still running rock solid today. FabNet is the modern version with much more flexibilty and additional features including using the MBSS Cloud database.

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Product Comparison Chart

FeatureFabNet UltimateFabMate Classic
*Cost per user$150/month$150/month
# of Item SectionsUnlimited3
Database HostedMBSS Cloud or Client NetworkClient Network
Markup Pricing
Margin Pricing 
# of Job Reports123
Pricing Calculations Shown at Lowest Level 
Ability to Define Different Job Types 
Ability to Define Different Job Rates 
Ability to Define Special Rate Pricing 
Different roles (Estimator, Sales Rep, Field Rep, CSR, etc.) 
Different rates for various Fab/Labor library entries 
Flexibility in calculations logic 
Price differences compared to library shown without report run 
Access/audit trail showing who's opened the estimate 
Referral source tracked 
Opening/closing disclaimers 
Percentage for fee/discounts possible 
Item costing without report generation 
Ability to copy items 
Special rates possible for overrides across estimate 
Vendor library linked to materials 
Bulk price changes