There are so many moving parts to your estimates: materials, labor, installation, fees, taxes, overhead, markup, margins, customers, and more. MB Software Solutions (MBSS) offers the easiest and most intuitive software to help you manage these many parts of your estimates. It is user friendly, double-checks for mistakes, looks professional, helps you save your business knowledge for years to come (which helps your future estimators), and is a simple super to use.

FabNet removes the risk of mathematical mistakes, price discrepancies, and everything else that can "fall through the cracks" of manual estimates. This effectively creates a profitable company which can produce consistent estimates time after time and protect your knowledge investment. If your estimator is no longer with your company, you at least have his/her consistent estimates saved in your system, no longer risking your company's intellectual investment. That's great for business continuity planning!

FabNet offers an ease of use that means you can create estimates much easier than using manual methods in Excel. In fact, our software was created after our pioneer (first) client dropped FabTrol and went back to using Excel. In a bid that was dozens of pages long, one line got missed in the @SUM formula which cost them dearly when the bid price was accepted. It was clear to them that they needed something better. They contacted MBSS and we built this estimating software for them that gave them everything they wanted, plus prevented them from making the same mistakes. They've been our happy client since 2003. We are ready to help your team too!


Don't settle for manual methods or trick yourself into thinking Excel can do the best job. Give our software a shot. NOMMA members can get a free single user license. Using FabNet, you will completely understand the MBSS slogan: "work smarter, not harder!"

Click here to a look at some of our screenshots to give you an idea of how easy and intuitive our software is.

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Features Chart

*Cost per user$150/month
# of Item SectionsUnlimited
Database HostedMBSS Cloud or Client Network
Markup Pricing
Margin Pricing
# of Job Reports12
Pricing Calculations Shown at Lowest Level
Ability to Define Different Job Types
Ability to Define Different Job Rates
Ability to Define Special Rate Pricing
Different roles (Estimator, Sales Rep, Field Rep, CSR, etc.)
Different rates for various Fab/Labor library entries
Flexibility in calculations logic
Price differences compared to library shown without report run
Access/audit trail showing who's opened the estimate
Referral source tracked
Opening/closing disclaimers
Percentage for fee/discounts possible
Item costing without report generation
Ability to copy items
Special rates possible for overrides across estimate
Vendor library linked to materials
Bulk price changes

* Software may be purchased outright. Contact MBSS for details.