Frequently Asked Questions

If you have more questions, please contact us and we will get back to you.

A: FabNet is designed to run on all Windows operating systems, from all the way back on Windows XP to today's newest, Windows 10. And because Windows 10 is the last operating system that Microsoft said they will produce, you can expect your investment in FabNet to run basically until you retire!

A: FabNet comes with either a yearly user license or FabNet can be purchased outright for a one-time fee. The former is $150/month ($1800/year). VERY affordable compared to your other options!

A: We'll provide you with documentation including screenshots, as well as some full demo videos as well. Also, we have a great remote connection software that we can use, allowing us to share your screen and show you--just like we were right there with you--exactly how to do something.

A: You can use FabNet Cloud from anywhere, allowing you to work on estimates/jobs remotely. We had a prospect years ago where his dad was 1 or 2 states away and wanted to help. This version is perfect for them. Plus, the Cloud version allows MBSS to take care of all of the database upgrades and backup work to make things easier on you.

A: Yes, we can export data to Quickbooks. Likewise, we can get data from Quickbooks too so if you'd like to pull payment data back into FabNet, we can do that too.

A: Yes, we will gladly upsize your database into FabNet for you.

A: Yes absolutely. That's a major difference between MBSS and many other providers. We've heard stories of other clients not wanting to change something unless 500 other users want the same change. Our customized software solutions are better because we can quickly tailor the application to do what you'd like. Need a field widened? Done the same day. Others don't have that flexibility.

A: You might be great at creating estimates manually, but you need a process that is going to be known to all of your shop, be consistent, and help your company continue to estimate accurately long after you've retired or are no longer there. That's just good business continuity planning. Plus, FabNet double-checks all math so no "accidents" happen, as can happen when you're doing it manually, even if you're cutting and pasting in Excel. Our pioneer client missed one line in a 33-page estimate and it cost them largely. That's how FabMate (which grew into FabNet) was born. There are so many moving parts to your business estimates, including materials, labor, people, and more. FabNet helps coordinate and make everything run much smoother than if you did it all yourself in separate systems.