What Clients Say

  • MB Software Solutions was the "Solution" for Couturier Iron Craft after spending excessive resources searching for canned estimating software to meet the needs of our Custom Decorative Metal Fabrication business.After many years of purchasing expensive software, the training and modifying our methods to align with canned software, Mike at MB Software Solutions was able to provide a customized product to finally meet our needs. With extensive knowledge of both software programing and construction estimating MB Software Solutions is someone I can recommend with complete confidence.

    Daniel S. Couturier
    President, Couturier Iron Craft, Inc.
  • Our firm was the first user of the FabMate software and participated in its development. We have been using it since its inception and currently we have six people using it. The program has performed well for us with minimum downtime issues. The support from Michael Babcock has been prompt and efficient. Although essentially a compiler of data which we provide to the system, it has greatly reduced mathematical and clerical errors in generating prices. As with any estimating program, the results are dependent upon the quality of the database information one provides to the program. We are very satisfied with the program, including its cost and its relatively low learning curve for new people.

    Bill Miller
    President, Ebinger Iron Works, Inc.
  • The Lumber Cutlist and Labor Piecerate systems you designed and installed have been a boost to our productivity, decision making and information. Of particular note, we have realized:

    • Reduced time spent preparing payroll
    • Improved information for better lumber cutting planning
    • More accurate, complete and flexible database

    We appreciated the time you spent discussing and planning the unique design of these systems. Our need was immediate and there was no existing programming of this type to follow. You understood our processes and gave us what we asked for as well as adding your own enhancements to deliver a cost-effective solution.Thanks for your professional service. I look forward to continuing to work with MB Software Solutions in the near future.

    William Lusignea
    VP Finance and Administration, Remmey Pallet
  • This note is in reference to Michael Babcock who consulted with Thomcomp Inc. (a subsidiary of Thomas Publishing) for about 7 months over the past year. Michael initially was assigned to help us with a very complicated Visual FoxPro application. He picked up the underlying architecture rather quickly and immediately was productive. This allowed us to meet our clients deadline even though we had prepared them for a slippage prior to Michaels arrival. He was instrumental in solving some issues that had haunted our development team for some time as well. We gave Michael the opportunity to learn some Oracle given his track record and he responded in line with our expectations. Given the positive results we experienced during Michaels tenure with us I would recommend him for any position within your organization that requires a solid work ethic, professionalism, as well as a task oriented individual.

    Bob Zecca
    Thomcomp, Inc (A subsidiary of Thomas Publishing Company,LLC)
  • Working with Mike has been a step forward for our Company. He has customized a tracking system to fit our company. His professionalism and timeliness is unmatched. He is always there to answer questions or help solve problems. Working with Mike has truly been a great experience for this Company.

    Patrick Burns
    Controller, SDNP, Inc.
  • Michael is a programmer with a vision. He designs systems with quality improvement as the central theme. He is adept at applying the latest abstract design concepts to software systems. He changed our system over from direct table access to views. He also consolidated duplicate modules through the use of a class libary. He implemented a data audit trail, numerous system maintenance tools for users, and several different modules. Medical review time has greatly decreased due to these advances. Data integrity has also greatly improved. Mike is a team player and worked well with me in my role as Data Analyst to make our system the best it could be!

    Heather Seeno
    TRICARE System Management Supervisor, KePRO
  • Michael’s work on the Cash Receipts module of the billing system we created has been a big benefit to the software package. This module is very easy to use and adds great functionality to the software package. Also, Michael’s help on enhancing other areas of this software package has made this system run more efficiently and with his error log has made it very easy for us catch errors and fix them with great efficiency. I would recommend Michael to any business looking for a great software solution that would help them run their business more efficiently.

    Michael Vassallo
    Programmer, DataQuest, Inc.
  • Michael’s commitment, design, and true professionalism were all great assets as he single-handedly designed and developed a Cash Receipts system used in a Drug and Alcohol app throughout the state of PA. I would highly recommend Mr. Babcock for any future projects!

    Jamie Flick
    Owner of MicroLeague Software, Inc.